As a society, binge drinking seems accepted and even glorified in so many ways. Therefore, it is often easy for people to ignore how much of a problem it really is. Individuals who are struggling with binge drinking or alcohol abuse should take the time to recognize the consequences and to consider the benefits of a detox and rehabilitation program.

1. It can lead to death

When people think of binge drinking, they often imagine jovial parties where guests are pouring drink after drink for one another while joyfully laughing. These images distort the reality. A person who drinks too much could end up dead that very night from consuming too much alcohol. Due to the mind-altering and intoxicating nature of alcohol, people may not realize that they are at that point before it is far too late.

2. Disease can occur

Even if immediate death does not occur, excessive drinking can lead to fatal diseases in the long term. For example, drinking too much alcohol could lead to problems with the liver or the heart. People who already have certain conditions could have their symptoms aggravated by consuming alcoholic beverages.

3. Risk-taking actions may come into fruition

Individuals who drink alcohol in large quantities often lose some of their inhibitions. As a result, they may engage in dangerous activities that they would never even consider participating in when sober. These activities could include taking risks with one’s own safety and well-being, which can also lead to injury or result.

4. A person’s tolerance for alcohol can grow higher

Some people think that having a high tolerance for alcohol is a positive trait. However, a high alcohol tolerance means that people are drinking more and more, thereby damaging their bodies more and more, to get to that feeling of intoxication. People who constantly drink may build up even higher tolerances, which can lead people to greater problems.

5. People may drive drunk

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. Some people think that doing so is okay after just a couple of drinks, but it’s not. Therefore, operating a vehicle after binge drinking is even more problematic as the driver’s response time and driving abilities are diminished even more. Many accidents and deaths are caused by drunk drivers.

6. Drinkers sometimes become abusive

A person who is friendly and pleasant when sober may become mean, aggressive and abusive when intoxicated. These individuals may cause harm, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, to their loved ones. For example, adults who binge drink may physically abuse their children when they become angry. In addition to the terrible harm that abuse causes for children now, it can lead to damaging effects in the long term.

7. Children see negative behavior

Children can also be affected by what they see their parents doing even when the drinking does not lead to abusive behavior. If kids are raised in a household where binge drinking is considered normal, they may then begin to experiment with alcohol and even drugs at earlier ages. They could grow up thinking that it is okay to consume massive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time and further the cycle of drinking.

8. The body can become addicted

Individuals may also begin to feel ill when they do not consume their regular high amounts of alcohol. Essentially, their bodies are now addicted to alcohol. When they are physically craving alcohol, the process of detox can become more difficult, leading to a longer period of recovery overall.

9. Alcoholics may lose their jobs

People who drink constantly don’t just do so on the weekends or when they get home from work. Some people drink throughout the day starting from when they wake up in the morning. Employees who show up for work intoxicated even just once may very well lose their jobs, which can lead to a host of financial problems at home.

10. Families can be torn apart

If, for example, social services discovered that children were living in a home torn apart by alcohol abuse, the children could be taken away. Getting the children back could be a long process, and they may not want to return to this environment in the first place.

11. Dreams can suffer

Alcoholism can destroy individuals’ long-term goals and plans. If individuals are planning to enroll in college, they may very well struggle to keep up their grades and to complete the work necessary. People who are struggling with alcoholism can hurt individuals around them but also themselves.

Binge drinking is a serious problem that can have a host of both short and long-term consequences. Fortunately, treatment options are available. People who are struggling with alcoholism can speak with a representative at a rehab facility to begin taking steps toward a solution.

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