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Substance Abuse Stats in Mobile, Alabama  

The gulf city of Mobile, Alabama, has been affected by the opioid crisis. Here are a few significant substance abuse stats for Mobile, Alabama:

  • Mobile County (mostly made up of metro Mobile) experienced 49 drug-related deaths in 2017.
  • The county had significantly more opioid prescriptions than it had people.
  • There are 10 facilities providing substance abuse services in the county.

With alarming stats such as these, it’s clear that many in Mobile are struggling with substance abuse. Rehab can help.

Choosing Between an Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient and outpatient treatment are both valid options. Which is better depends on many factors.

  • Outpatient treatment: Outpatient treatment is less expensive and allows patients more flexibility and family time. Being able to spend evenings and overnights at home is essential for some, but it’s problematic for those with severe addictions and low support.
  • Inpatient treatment: This is the right choice for those struggling deeply with addiction. If you worry that you might relapse at home, choose an inpatient program.

How Long Can Treatment at Rehab Last?

You’ll find programs at all sorts of lengths, some as short as 30 days and others that last a year or even longer. How long you need to spend varies, but there’s plenty of research suggesting longer stays result in better outcomes.

We recommend a minimum of 90 days in rehab for the best chance at long-lasting change. This could be outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment or even a mix of the two.

What to Expect at Rehab

Every rehab facility has its own atmosphere. Most are designed to be peaceful and serene, an escape from the busy pace and harsh realities of life that have led many to substance abuse in the first place. Expect a warm and welcoming environment.

Your course of treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. While specifics vary, just about all rehab patients will participate in the following treatments:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group talk therapy
  • Detox (if needed; sometimes referred out)

When Would You Need to Go to Detox?

Detox is necessary for those patients who have developed a certain level of physical or chemical dependence on one or more addictive substances. It’s possible to be addicted without being physically dependent. Here are some signs that you may need detox as a part of your rehab plan:

  • You’re unable to stop yourself from using, even when you try
  • Your life and behavior are significantly affected by your pursuit of drugs or alcohol
  • You’ve been addicted a long time

How Long Is Detox?

The shortest detox programs are three days, while the longest can be 21 days or even longer. How long will you need? That depends on factors like these:

  • Length of addiction
  • Number of addictions (single substance or multiple)
  • Category of substance (stimulants take longer to detox)
  • Metabolism
  • Age
  • Physical and mental health
  • Physical characteristics (height, weight, muscle mass)

Additionally, the more drugs you take, the longer detox will last. Nevertheless, detox is a critical step in the recovery journey.