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Substance Abuse Stats for the City of Greensboro, North Carolina

Every week, first responders in Greensboro, NC answer dozens of calls for help relating to substance abuse and drug overdose issues. In Guilford County, statistics show that opioid addiction is a serious problem among residents. For example: 

Choosing Between an Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

When someone checks into an inpatient rehabilitation clinic, they stay 24 hours per day. When someone joins an outpatient rehabilitation clinic, they attend during daytime hours and go home at night to sleep in their own bed.

Inpatient rehabilitation is preferred for people who do not have a support system at home. Outpatient rehabilitation is generally only successful if the person seeking the rehabilitation will go home at night to someone who is able to support them in their rehabilitation efforts. 

How Long Can Treatment at a Rehab Last?

Standard rehabilitation services last in increments of one month, two months, three months, six months, or up to one year. In general, the longer the program, the better. Most people need rehabilitation services of at least 90 days in order to be successful. People who are trying to decide how long their rehabilitation program should consult with a physician at the rehabilitation facility where they are planning to check in. 

What to Expect at Rehab

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation clinics offer many of the same services. The best rehab programs are customized for the individual. Look for a program that offers twelve-step programs, group and peer therapies, medications to curve cravings and more. Many of the best programs start off by helping patients develop individualized programs for their own recovery, so they can get what they need in order to recover. 

When Would You Need to Go to Detox?

People who are unable to withdraw from a substance on their own, whether because they’re incapable of stopping or because their symptoms are too severe, will need to go to detox. While in detox, they can expect to be given medications that can help curb their cravings and their symptoms, to ensure a safe detox experience overall. 

How Long is Detox?

Detox can last a few days or may last up to 20 days, depending on the substance and severity of symptoms. To find out how long you can expect your detox experience to last, contact a physician at a rehabilitation facility. Your doctor can help you determine whether detox is necessary and how long you can expect it to last.

Substance abuse claims lives, so don’t put off your rehabilitation today. To get started with your substance abuse recovery, contact a reputable rehabilitation clinic in your area.