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Substance Abuse Stats in Norfolk, VA

Opioids continue to ravage the Northeast, and Norfolk is sadly part of that trend. Wondering about substance abuse stats in Norfolk?

In 2016, deaths from fentanyl and heroin peaked at 24.1 per 100,000. 

In 2017, heroin and fentanyl deaths were at 18.8 per 100,000 residents. That’s higher than the national and state average! It’s also the third-worst statistic in the county. 

While 2017’s opioid deaths were lower than the year before, there’s been a huge rise in deaths since 2011. 

Choosing Between an Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

How much do you know about the differences between outpatient and inpatient rehab? Each serves its own purpose. Your care team will help you choose the kind that’s right for you. 

  • Inpatient rehab gives you a place to stay around the clock and access to 24/7 care. That can be helpful during the first stages of recovery when relapse is most likely. 
  • Outpatient rehab is a treatment program that you attend without being admitted. You may have appointments and drug tests a few times a week. 

How Long Can Treatment at a Rehab Last?

The longer, the better when it comes to rehab length!

Research says that you should commit to at least three months of rehab. That’s true whether you choose inpatient or outpatient. 

Shorter rehab periods put you at unnecessary risk of relapse. It takes at least three months to alter the changed pathways in your brain after substance abuse. 

If you’re using a medication such as Suboxone to control opioid or alcohol cravings, then treatment should be even longer. Twelve months is recommended if you’re using medication-assisted treatment. 

What to Expect at Rehab

Not sure what to expect from rehab? You’re not alone. It’s hard to predict rehab because it’s different for each person. 

Some common rehab therapies for substance abuse include

  • Group support: Social support helps prevent you from feeling isolated, which can set back your recovery. 
  • Medication: Prescription drugs can control opioid or alcohol withdrawal. This can help reduce the risk of relapse. 
  • Therapy: Many kinds of therapy are available, from group therapy to motivational interviewing. Different kinds are ideal for different drug abuse cases. 

When Would You Need to Go to Detox?

Consider going to detox if you: 

  • Can’t stop using drugs despite negative consequences
  • Have cravings that you can’t control 
  • Want to stop using drugs but keep relapsing 

If you have these signs, you may be dependent on drugs. Physical dependence causes withdrawal. Withdrawal during treatment is something you should avoid. 

A medical detox center can help keep you comfortable during the hardest part of detox. 

How Long is Detox?

The most common detox program lengths are: 

  • 3-day detox
  • 5-day detox
  • 7-day detox
  • 10-day detox 

Even longer detox periods are available sometimes. For instance, benzo withdrawal can take weeks. 

Your detox period depends on the drugs that you’re stopping. Other factors can include your metabolism, your health, and prescription drugs you use. Be honest with your care team when planning detox. It’s very important that your detox lasts as long as it needs to last. 


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