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Substance Abuse Stats for the City of Portsmouth, Virginia

Substance abuse statistics in Portsmouth, Virginia, show that the city has suffered significant loss from drug addiction. Some of those statistics include:

  • In 2017, there were 52 overdose deaths in the city of Portsmouth.
  • The city’s drug overdose mortality rate is 18, which is much higher than the national average of 14.
  • In all of Virginia, 829 people died from overdoses in the state.

The most common cause of overdose in Portsmouth is opioids, including fentanyl and heroin. Cocaine use is also significant.

Choosing Between an Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Treatment: Choose this type of care if you have addiction or dependence, have overdosed prior, or you have an unstable home condition. Inpatient therapy involves both treatment for physical and emotional needs.

Outpatient Treatment: Most people with addiction will need inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. This involves spending most days of the week working with a counselor and going home at night.

Many people will need ongoing outpatient care. This happens after the initial treatment is provided as a way to provide continued care.

How Long Can Treatment at a Rehab Last?

The length of rehab is less about a number and more about a person’s individual needs. Most of the time, it lasts at least 90 days. Anything shorter than this can be limitedly beneficial to patients. Rushing out of treatment only leads to relapse and potential overdose risks.

Most people benefit from longer care, even up to six months. Then, they continue with support groups and mentoring programs indefinitely to keep them on track.

What to Expect at Rehab

During rehab, the first step is an evaluation of your physical and mental needs. Then, the best drug and alcohol treatment centers will work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan. It may include:

  • Medication used to stabilize the addiction, help with withdrawal, and aid in meeting any other physical needs
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment to help those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or other conditions
  • Therapy treatment that includes holistic and evidence-based treatment to help you work through the cause of your addiction while creating strategies to help you avoid relapsing

When Would You Need to Go to Detox?

Not everyone needs detox. However, those who have addiction or dependence, when the brain and the body are dependent on the drug, then it becomes necessary. Detox tends to be a common requirement for those who:

  • Have used drugs for a long time
  • Who have relapsed prior times
  • Have used highly addictive substances even if it is just a few times
  • Those who cannot stop using on their own
  • Those who are at risk of overdose

How Long is Detox?

Just like all treatment, detox is always customized to your needs. If you need to use detox services, you will likely spend between 3 days and 3 weeks receiving this specialized, closely monitored care. You may need to stay longer if:

  • You’ve used drugs for a long time
  • You have a slow metabolism
  • The type of drug you’ve used

Most people will be able to leave detox within a few days. They then enter inpatient treatment for continued help.