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Substance Abuse Stats in Parma, OH

Did you know that 674 people died from drug overdoses in Cuyahoga County last year? 

This Ohio county is home to Parma, a suburb of Cleveland that’s been fighting prescription and synthetic opioids for over a decade. 

Of those 674 overdoses: 

  • 396 involved fentanyl
  • 381 involved cocaine
  • 150 involved carfentanil 
  • 145 involved heroin 
  • 66 involved other opioids 

There were 1,493 more fentanyl deaths in the 3 years leading up to 2019 than the entire 10 years before that! 

Choosing Between an Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

Most people should attend inpatient rehab if they can. Inpatient rehab gives you access to treatment all the time. If you’re having a hard time in the middle of the night, there’s support there for you. This can be super valuable in recovery!

If inpatient rehab isn’t practical for you, then outpatient rehab gives you flexibility so you can still recover. This choice allows you to attend treatments part-time while going to school or work. Not everyone can leave their life behind to go to rehab. 

How Long Can Treatment at a Rehab Last?

The length of a rehab treatment should be at least 3 months if you’re recovering from opioids. 

For other drugs, the minimum is 90 days. That sounds like a long time, but it’s the minimum length of time your body needs to recover from addiction. 

In fact, you should attend rehab for as long as you can. Longer stays are related to better outcomes. Leaving rehab early puts you at risk for relapse. 

What to Expect at Rehab

What happens at rehab is different for each person. The best treatment centers build a custom treatment plan for every client. 

Some effective treatments for addiction include: 

  • Group support: Access to social support is very important in recovery! 
  • Medication: Some clients can use medications to control cravings. These are typically available for opioid or alcohol addiction clients. 
  • Therapy: Talking with a professional can help clear your head, organize your thoughts, and teach you new ways to cope. 

When Would You Need to Go to Detox?

You need to go to detox if you’re addicted to any drug. Addiction causes withdrawal when you stop using the drug. Withdrawal can be intense and it increases your risk of relapse. For that reason, it’s best to go through withdrawal with help. 

A detox center keeps you comfortable through withdrawal with: 

  • 24/7 access to care
  • Fluids and nutrition
  • Symptom management, including medication and therapy 

It’s very important to attend detox if your care team recommends it!

How Long is Detox?

It’s typical for the length of detox to range from 3 to 21 days. That’s a big range, but there’s a lot of variation.

The length of detox depends on: 

  • The drugs you’re stopping
  • Your drug abuse history, including amounts and length of time
  • Your health history, including any kidney or liver disease

Those are quite a few factors, but detox professionals are trained to find a good estimate. Your detox team will help you choose the program that’s right for you. 


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